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Glen T Glancy   (#273)   (Glen)

Basic Information

Valencia, CA
Email Address
661 253 3173
Mobile Phone
661 733 6140
Work Phone
661 251 4206
AMT Systems Inc.
26801 Matisse Ln

Valencia, CA  

Personal Information

Ethelyn Glancy

Additional Information

2013 SCVPA Spring Print Competition
2nd Place, Merit, "The King" A
3rd Place, "Tranquility" N
3rd Place, "Gathering Strom" D

2013 SCVPA Fall Digital Image Competition
1st Place, Merit, "Bistro de Marie" D
Best of Show, "Bistro de Marie"

2014 SCVPA Spring Print Competition
1st Place Merit "Fast Pass, P
3rd Place "Angel Burst" P
3rd Place Merit "Bicycle" N

2014 SCVPA Fall Digital Image Competition
2nd Place Merit "Rainier Lower Alpine Meadow"
Merit "If you only knew" P
Merit "Wood Duck" A

2015 Winter Digital Image Competition
1st Place Merit Monarch Perch, M
2nd Place Merit Sunset at McWay Falls, L
2nd Place Merit Lone Cypress Sunset, L
1st Place The Long Reach, E
Merit Stylin, E
Professional Photographers of LA County
Professional Photographers of California
Professional Photographers of America


Glen Thomas Glancy


Glen and Ethelyn, raised their eight children in the Santa Clarita Valley.   During that time Glen served as President of Century Records, President of Continental Sound, and President of AMT Systems, Inc.  Glen’s background in music and engineering has allowed him to specialize in recording, mastering, and the engineering design of audio, video, and lighting systems for large performance centers and houses of worship. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of AMT Systems Inc.


In almost twenty years of producing jazz, classical, and choral artists,  Glen has garnered five Grammy nominations. He served for a decade as producer of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and was responsible for a dozen choral recordings and several PBS television specials.


In recent years Glen has found time to return to a favorite hobby of photography.   His interest in photography started as a young teen and he is enjoying the time he now has to devote to pursuing his interest in landscape, wildlife, and nature. His goal is “Sharing the Beauty Of God’s Earth with You.”  "I love creating Images"


Glen may be contacted at



Artist Statement


My goal is to create fine photographs;  Images that are both artistically inspired and technically excellent. To be one without the other is not enough.


The final image is the product of a person, not a camera. It needs to express feelings and emotion. As a photographer, other then choosing the time of day and composition,  I have little control over the capture.  It is what mother nature gives me.


To satisfy my creativity I need to work on my photographs after I capture the image. After the image is recorded in the camera, I chose to infuse the image with the emotions I felt on location when I took the photograph.


My images represent the feelings and emotions I felt and wish to convey. I need to use color balance and contrast to bring out the tonalities I desire until it represents my memories of the original scene.


“I love to create images”


My Gear


Cameras; Nikon D4,  Nikon D810,  Nikon D750


Lenses; Nikon 24mm f1.4,   35mm f1.8,  50mm f1.4,  85mm f1.8,  105mm f2.8,  14-24mm f2.8,  18-35mm f3.5,  24-70mm f2.8,   24-120mm f3.5,  70-200mm f2.8,  80-400mm f4.5,  200-400mm f4,   Teleconverters 1.4 III, 2.0 III,  Lee 100X100 filter system.  Fotodiox  145 filter system.


Support Systems; Really Right Stuff  TVC 34L, BH-55, BH-40, Induro  CT113, CT214, CM 34, BH-1,  Wimberley Sidekick